6 eCRF software & Data Management Services Capabilities by Integra IT

eCRF Software capabilities
Integra IT has developed reliable eCRF software solution and Data management services priced to fit your budget and excels in delivery, quality, support, and time. The data is the most valuable asset of a clinical trial. Ensuring data quality and accuracy determines getting the necessary evidence to accelerate the route to market.

We disrupt the market thanks to our advanced methodology, which includes:

1. Emerging markets experience

EDC systems and Data Management already deliver efficient clinical trials worldwide. However, Low and Middle-income countries still need more access to developing these capabilities; therefore Integra IT model is based on cost-convenient and high-end technology, close customer support, and an in-house team of qualified medical experts, engineers, and high-skill professionals from Latin America.

2. Technology featuring services, all-in-one

We combined top data engineering systems with complementary professional services to deliver a customized approach to each client, doesn’t matter if it is a small RWE study or a large vaccine clinical trial. Our technical team is agile and fast, even in the most complex trials and protocol designs. 

3. Interoperability

Under our equity and access-for-everyone principle, we perform seamless integrations with our own and third-party systems. We integrate our EDC with Electronic Medical Records (EMR/eSource), electronic patient-reported outcomes ePRO/eCOA systems, and/or third-party systems in record time. We use API integrations and on-cloud storage to mitigate incompatibility, team burden, and lack of standardization. For each project, we ensure high-quality standards, compliance, and safety, following data protection regulations (GDPR).

4. Analytics and reports

We deliver tailor-made reports and real-time data analytics from the trial startup to the submission. We understand the importance of fast and data-driven decisions; therefore, we enable comprehensive dashboards, panels and reports for efficient clinical trial oversight. Additionally, thanks to our automated data-cleaning methodology, the study data is easily analyzed and interpreted.

5. eCRF software usability

Integra IT has developed an intuitive interface for all the study team. Based on the role, the interactions, alerts, icons, graphics and more, are designed to be user-friendly and decrease the adoption curve time.

6. CDISC Standards

Data is by default in CDASH standard and our EDC/eCRF system embeds an automated feature to transform data from CDASH to SDTM when needed and data is also exported in several common extensions such as SAS, xls and CSV.   

Talk with one of our medical experts and let us exceed the expected outcomes for your next clinical trial

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