Clinical Invoicing Software: A Practical Walkthrough with Trial360

Billing for clinical protocols

How is the billing of clinical protocols in Trial360?

In the world of clinical re­search studies, a key focus is on pre­cision, compliance with regulations, and maintaining ethical principle­s. However, effe­ctive financial administration is often overlooke­d. 


Amidst the complexity of clinical trials and scientific que­sts, diligent planning, implementation, and re­cording systems are crucial, piling significant stress on both mone­tary and personnel resource­s. It’s becoming increasingly clear that a we­ll-organized financial architecture isn’t just be­neficial; it’s essential.. A well-structured and managed financial framework is essential to ensure transparency, accountability, and overall success of clinical research efforts.


Invoicing software and accounting play an integral role in driving successful results. Proper allocation and utilization of financial resources, compliance with regulatory standards, and proactive risk mitigation contribute to the seamless execution of research projects. As clinical research evolves, a strategic medical billing software and financial management approach ensures project viability and upholds the ethical standards and credibility intrinsic to medical knowledge advancement.



Trial360 offers a web-based platform designed to streamline clinical trial processes. While the core system focuses on research management, it can be expanded with on-demand, pay-as-you-go ERP modules, including Finance and Billing



This allows clinical sites to:



Manage finances and billing efficiently within the Trial360 platform.
• Scale their operations by adding other relevant ERP modules, such as Procurement and Inventory or Human Resources.
• This modular and user-friendly solution caters to sites of various sizes and can handle multiple studies simultaneously.

1. Configuration Process for Trial360 - Invoicing Software Section

a. Roles and permissions are assigned to users for purchases, expenses, and analytical accounting.
b. The configuration of the analytic account is carried out for the research protocol, the analytic plan, and the plan is associated with the analytic account.
c. The analytic account will be associated with the project. It is defined if it will be a billable project:

Billing Configuration

d. The elements to be billed for each visit are configured with the type of charge that will be charged once the visit changes to the CRF ENTERED status:

  • Fixed: you will always be charged
  • By Registration: a fee is charged if there is registration in the procedure
  • Registration Based on count: If I did it, it is charged how many times it has been done
Billing Screening Visit

Additionally, the cost distribution can be recorded, a supplier or role can be entered, and a percentage or value of the cost can be paid.

Billing Sale Items

2. Income Process for Trial360 - Invoicing Software Section

2.1 Advance payment section - Trial360 clinical trial management software

It is possible to create the advance payment that is charged to the sponsor in the sales / orders / quotations module

Billing Quotations
Billing Quotations 2

It can be printed as a quote/order or proforma invoice to send by email to the sponsor and create the invoice.

Billing Quotation 3

That advance payment can already be seen in the project.

Billing Advance Payment

When executing a visit, the moment the appointment changes to CRF ENTERED status, the charges for the visit are automatically generated for review:

2.2 Advance Payments and Billing of Visits

Billing Appointment

The coordinator can review the charges one by one or all at the same time. A charge can be added or removed. The charges window has two sections: Income (what will be charged to the sponsor) and expenses (what will be charged to third parties)

Billing Appointment Details

It is possible to filter visits that have charges reviewed and charges to be reviewed.

Billing Visit Filters

The income and expenses of the appointment are deposited in SALE:

Billing Visit Incomes

By selecting a position, you can see the related information and even a link to go to the appointment. From this view, you can mark it as reviewed.


The lines are selected, and a sales order is created (sales orders cannot be created with unreviewed lines)

Billing Visit Incomes Create Sale Order

You can print a proforma invoice, it has the number of the subject and the record of activities one by one, send it by email, or if the sponsor authorizes, create an invoice:

Billing Visit Incomes Invoice

And this invoice is visible in the project income.

Billing Visit Incomes Invoice Total

3. Efficient Expense Management

3.1 To create the expenses of a research project, in the PURCHASES application, the expenses associated with the visit will appear. It is possible to review each line

Billing Purchase

The lines are selected / action button / create a purchase order

Billing Purchase Order

If the supplier I am going to pay is selected, I can create the purchase order and confirm the order.

Billing Visits Expenses

3.2 In the EXPENSES application, you can also create petty cash expenses, petty cash

Billing My Expenses

It is possible to create expenses, associate them with the study, send them to the person in charge, approve them, and publish entries.

Billing Volunteer Lunch

4. Project Insights - Use Trial360 for Informed Decision Making

It is possible to know the general status of the project and make timely decisions through different means:


In project updates, shows the profitability of the project: Revenue, expenses, margin

Billing Project Updates

The project status can also be seen from the BILLING / ACCOUNTING module, entering the analytical account, where you can see the project, the gross margin, customer invoices, supplier invoices, and purchase orders.

Billing Analytic Accounts

From the analytical account, you can see everything billed for the study. Viewing and recording paid, unpaid, or partially paid invoices is possible.

Billing Analytic Accounts Invoice

In the gross margin, it shows the transactions per month.

Billing Analytic Accounts Gross Margin

From the BILLING/ACCOUNTING module, you can see invoices to clients:

Billing Invoices

And invoices to suppliers

Billing Bills

Recognizing how crucial financial management is in clinical research is smart and essential for making a real impact. When organizations invest in medical billing software resources, they’re not just setting themselves up for success but actively contributing to medical progress. And that progress isn’t just about numbers; it’s about real people whose lives can be transformed for the better.

So, are you ready to improve  your clinical research with Trial360’s cutting-edge billing and financial management platform? 

Let’s team up to shake up the world of medical research. Reach out today, and let’s start making a difference together.

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