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This software tool enables the user to record and control clinical trial development for countries, local authorities, and associations, aiming for time management in a unified database. Check trial status, establish key indicators for effective decision-making and optimize resources and efforts strategically to make the local clinical trials field more competitive and efficient.


Currently, Metrics is being used by the most important pharmaceutical, I&D, and research organization in Colombia (AFIDRO), contributing to clinical research development and improving tracking trials progress. Likewise, having this kind of tool helps to attract investment and find new ways to promote clinical research initiatives in middle and emerging markets.

Feature One

Clinical trial follow-up from the beginning through the end

Feature Two

Registration of indicators, times, changes, and comparative analysis

Feature Three

Dynamic and reliable clinical studies record

Feature Four

Compare national or regional indicators with international ones

Feature Five

High-end technology with 100% serverless architecture and data safety standards


  • Users
  • Sponsors
  • CROs
  • IRB (Institutional Review Boards)
  • Sites
  • Trials
  • Reports
  • Amendments

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Simétrica Management in a unified database