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Integrating Technology
in Clinical Research
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Integra empowers clinical research to reach its full potential, everywhere. We break down barriers and bridge borders to ensure inclusivity and participation from diverse populations and emerging countries. Our mission is to make clinical research accessible by providing a user-friendly, cost-effective software ecosystem that fosters efficient and impactful studies, while upholding the highest standards of data quality, security, privacy, and ethical conduct.


In 2009, two fields existing separately within daily living, clinical research and software engineering, converged. A research-focused physician and an expert application development engineer, friends since little kids, saw an opportunity to combine their skill sets, partner up, and create a difference in information systems for clinical research.


Thanks to the collaboration of clients and strategic allies in the industry, a multi-site research centers, and a CRO, this vision and opportunity became a reality with Integra IT. This company built a model and set of technological solutions to support end-to-end efficiency and quality in clinical research, with just one principle: People.

latin american people in clinical study

We serve Latin America,
Diversity and Inclusion in the World

With seven Covid-19 studies in the region

We understand patients’/subjects’ reality. We promote patient engagement, maintain high adherence, and help reduce dropout rates.

  • We talk their language; we are there for them.
  • Native Spanish
  • Fixed error by subjects selecting options due to lack of precision; our focal point preconfigured cell phones according to user needs (UX for +60 subjects).
  • Lack of Internet access by area. With no data plans due to high cost.
  • They like to call directly to someone’s phone.
  • They use WhatsApp as the primary contact channel.
  • Some need help even with email creation. Does not use email.
  • 70% to 80% don’t use self-guidance, videos or tutorials.
  • 5% read manuals.

We know Latam sites, their processes, lack of resources, rotation, and work with not IT-friendly staff.

  • BYOD. Expected 70% or higher. A need for Cellphone management and inventory.
  • Mobile devices must be blocked and pre-set up for study use.
  • Handle device damage, robbery, or loss. The subject cannot be held responsible.
  • A follow-up process is clearly defined with the sites.

We know CROs and have worked with them since 2013 in many regional studies.

One size does not fit all

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Integra Team

Andrés Rozo


Sergio Rodriguez

Co-Founder & CTO

Zulma Peña


Luz H Barreto

Luz H Barreto

Medical Director

Diana Amaya

Diana Amaya

Quality Leader

Carlos Marrero

Trial 360 Product Manager

Juan Manuel Zapata

Vaccines Project Manager Director

Luz E Arevalo

Chief Human Resources Officer

Monica Rojas

Monica Rojas

Life Sciences Communications leader

Sergio Prada


Ricardo Zambrano

Ricardo Zambrano