Patient Program
Management PPM

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Patient Program
Management PPM

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Patient Program
Management PPM

We understand the challenges of a successful patient program. Thus, our Patient Program Management tool is a web-based application aiming to improve patient program engagement according to the therapeutic area and the ideal treatment path after the diagnosis.

The PPM tool centralizes all the program activities and contributes to efficient management and patient follow-up to, in the end, get better outcomes and life quality for the patient.

Benefits of the Patient Program Management Tool

Get a close follow-up of the care and treatment cycle of each patient

Ensures timely monitoring

Access to real-time information with different modules

Centralize information in a precise and straightforward way for all stakeholders

Patient Program Management Integra IT

Patient Program Management Tool

Study teams such as physicians, sponsors, procurement, sales, and healthcare providers can access and enter reports, and quickly check the status of the patient activity with our colored filter feature. Manage alerts, such as product stock for the procurement department, or pending actions for the lead nurses’ team, efficiently.

Establish a road map for the patient program, and customize phases. Create user types for each stakeholder and search per status, pathology, city, center, health insurance, etc.

  • Complete patient program management
  • Cloud-based solution
  • Multiple project management
  • User-friendly interface
  • Color scheme design

Why Integra IT

Affordable (accessible) for small and medium size Sites, CROs, and Sponsors

Real-time data for data-driven decisions

Faster start-up studies

Interoperability (integrations between own and third-party systems)

Validated and GCP-compliant

On-demand scalable architecture (per solutions, modules, and features)

Expertise in low and middle-income countries

Vaccine-exclusive features available

Around 70% of our clinical research experts are Latin American professionals with global experience

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Patient Program Management