CTMS 360
Clinical Trial Project
Management System

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CTMS 360
Clinical Trial Project Management System

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CTMS 360 for CROs
Clinical Trial Project Management System

CTMS 360 is a GCP-compliant web-based, easy-to-use platform developed so CROs can speed up processes and improves quality across the clinical trial project management discipline. This solution provides project management tools like Gantt, task views, lists, and a database for sponsors, sites, and countries. The system also tracks risk monitoring, deviations and violations, milestones, stakeholders, and outcomes.

Our CTMS 360 is an all-in-one project management application that can be integrated with billing and human resources modules.


Simplify the general workflow vision and increase efficiency

Simplify processes and improve employee collaboration

Manage different projects simultaneously through the same platform

Record key information for internal and external reports and presentations.

Data Analysis Metrics

CTMS 360

Determine tasks required, in progress, and completed with traceability.
Conduct risk classification according to categories, probability, and impact, and record their tracing from the beginning to the end of the project; for example, protocol deviations.

Keep a record of issues in the project operations, allocate category, impact, causes, preventive and corrective actions, and the person in charge.

Manage, track, and register the project stages. For example, research site activations, contracts, or closings.

Once the project is over, evaluate the outcomes according to the objectives, and identify flaws, achievements, and good practices.

All features include an audit trail.

CTMS 360 Modules

Why Integra IT

Affordable (accessible) for small and medium size Sites, CROs, and Sponsors

Real-time data for data-driven decisions

Faster start-up studies

Interoperability (integrations between own and third-party systems)

Validated and GCP-compliant

On-demand scalable architecture (per solutions, modules, and features)

Expertise in low and middle-income countries

Vaccine-exclusive features available

Around 70% of our clinical research experts are Latin American professionals with global experience

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