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TrialPal eCOA & ePRO,
the participant's best friend

TrialPal is our eCOA (electronic Clinical Outcome Assessment), ePRO (electronic Patient Reported Outcomes) and Site Mobile and web application used in vaccine clinical trials and decentralized clinical trials.It is an intuitive and easy-to-use tool that monitors clinical trial participants and the study in general through dashboards, combined with a user-friendly interface created to generate data directly from the trial participants

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Real-time information



Offline functions

Works in Mobile and Web devices

Vaccine-Tailored Version

Benefits of TrialPal

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Real-time information

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Offline functions

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Works in Mobile and Web devices

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Vaccine-Tailored Version

TrialPal Mobile

New Features

Create eDiary and any other trial-specific forms in as little as 1-2 hours as per protocol specifications.

Dual data entry options for participants.
Customize notifications to participants by study and user.

To activate additional modules such as Chat, eConsent, and Telehealth (Beta version). A way to enable hybrid or Decentralized Clinical Trials (DCT) when integrating TrialPal with Trial360 and EDC.

To enhance interoperability between site CTMS, EDCs, or any third-party application.

Reduce implementation and operational costs.

Easily set up vaccine clinical trial eDiary or surveillance forms for symptom monitoring, including subforms, grading, alerts, and AEs – SAEs real-time notifications to stakeholders, where sites can also act quickly upon receiving subject reports.

With the Trial Site app, physicians can manage reconciliations, and with Trial API, data is sent automatically to the eCRF or EDC system.

Add Services

  • Real-time Executive Descriptive Analytics and Dashboards
  • End to End Integrations
  • Real-Time notifications
  • On Site Patient Engagement and Site support
    • Emerging markets experience
    • Combined with Online and Self Support, and Remote Control
    • Subject TrialPal training and follow-up
  • Customizable site reports
  • On site and remote frequent training
  • Cell-phone inventory management
  • Internet data prepaid plans management

TrialPal Modules

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We studied the performance of a smartphone application-based participatory syndromic surveillance (PSS) system for collecting syndromic data (acute febrile illness [AFI] and acute gastroenteritis [AGE]) to detect dengue virus (DENV) and norovirus (NoV) on a cohort of children living in a low-resource and rural area of Guatemala.


  • 469 Participants
  • 207 Households
  • 322 Participants >68% response rate during the study (April 2015 – June 2016)

Read the article Performance of a Smartphone Application-Based Participatory Syndromic Surveillance System for Acute Febrile Illness and Acute Gastroenteritis in Rural Guatemala by D. Olson, Takeda Pharmaceuticals: Consultant, Grant recipient. R. Zambrano, Integra IT: Employee and Shareholder, Salary. S. Rodriguez-Castro, Integra IT: Employee and Shareholder, Salary. E. J. Asturias, Takeda Pharmaceuticals: Consultant and Grant Investigator, Grant recipient, at Oxford Academic.

Fe vs Blood sample collection

FE known by site vs Blood sample collection

  • 77% of samples were collected in the first 2 days.
  • 88% of samples were collected in the window.

Clinical Trial: 935 subjects
Phase 2 Dengue Vaccine
Site: Cevaxin Panama

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Why Integra IT

Affordable (accessible) for small and medium size Sites, CROs, and Sponsors

Real-time data for data-driven decisions

Faster start-up studies

Interoperability (integrations between own and third-party systems)

Validated and GCP-compliant

On-demand scalable architecture (per solutions, modules, and features)

Expertise in low and middle-income countries

Vaccine-exclusive features available

Around 70% of our clinical research experts are Latin American professionals with global experience

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