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Offline Function TrialPal


Offline Function. The App saves the report on the device, and once it is back online, all the pending data will be sent automatically.


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Diaries are used in clinical trials, where investigators want to gather information after each vaccination or medication given. With this module, the information reported by participants is shared in real-time to enable site staff to know what is happening with each patient.

Quality control tools such as data validation built into the app minimize human error and increase accuracy.



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Surveillance TrialPal

The Surveillance module allows clinical trial participants to report symptoms, thus efficiently raising awareness of adverse events for the study site. It is ideal for surveillance studies where participants must report their health status periodically for long periods. This module is designed for an easy and friendly user experience. Report:

  • Symptoms
  • Contact Request
  • Hospitalizations
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Protocol Adherence

Smart Reminders and Alerts TrialPal

Smart reminders and alerts minimize deviations, keeping trials on track. Also the push notification helps to keep the subject notified even when the app is closed.

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One-Way Chat TrialPal
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Way Message

Designed to improve communication with participants. It ensures an audit trail of all messages sent remains in our databases.

  • Tracking Messages states: sent, received, read, and pending.
  • We promote confidentiality and safety, and every chat has an audit trail.
  • Configurable: customize the list of contacts each site can communicate with.

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