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Integration EDC,
eCOA and Site CTMS

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Integration EDC,
eCOA and Site CTMS

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Best combined with:

Our CRF, TrialPal &
PFS or Trial 360 combined

The combination of three of our best solutions made to be an easy-to-use platforms for all the needs of your site.


Monitoring  of study participants and the study in general, minimizing processes, reducing costs, keep a tracking on diaries and registers, and also monitoring the information on a clinical study; all in one integration.

Main Benefits of the Integration

Feature One

All digital, less time, save money

Feature Two

Get close to your patient or subject

Feature Three

Customized stats

Feature Four

Completely secure and 21 CFR Part 11 Compliant



Below you will find an integration example. Our solutions include an easy to configure API that extracts data from our ePRO or eCOA to Site CTMS and along with or CRF Importer is then transferred to our proprietary eCRF or to a third party study EDC system like RAVE. In the RAVE example we use Rave Web Services to make both systems communicate with each other. We have also developed an integration checker that review and compares data between systems, so the site can be confident that all data was transferred successfully and that data integrity is being met.



  • Integrations take 2-3 weeks depending (approx) on study forms (# variables, visits, e-dairy days).

  • Testing and validation takes 1 week (approx), to make sure integration works flawless.

  • Rave dedicated user needed to authenticate transactions via RWS.

Integration Scheme Example

integration scheme
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Why Integra IT

Affordable (accessible) for small and medium size Sites, CROs, and Sponsors

Real-time data for data-driven decisions

Faster start-up studies

Interoperability (integrations between own and third-party systems)

Validated and GCP-compliant

On-demand scalable architecture (per solutions, modules, and features)

Expertise in low and middle-income countries

Vaccine-exclusive features available

Around 70% of our clinical research experts are Latin American professionals with global experience

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