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Recently, we started a new polio vaccine clinical trial in the Dominican Republic with FIDEC (Fighting Infectious Diseases in Emerging Countries). This initiative is close to our hearts because it addresses infectious diseases affecting vulnerable children. 


In this interview with Gabriela Aguirre, FIDEC Project Manager, she details the projects and her experience working with us on multiple projects in Latin America regarding polio vaccine studies. 

Using Integra IT technology and services has been critical to the success of the projects and implementing a person-centered approach during clinical research.

Watch the review here:

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FIDEC’s mission is to improve people’s health in emerging countries by preventing and reducing the burden of infectious diseases. Nowadays, vaccines have managed to reduce and even eradicate certain serious diseases which cause disabling sequelae and even death.


FIDEC is a non-profit organization created in 2001 aimed at developing programs to fight infectious diseases in emerging countries. It comprises physicians, scientists and other healthcare professionals in the United States, Latin America and Armenia.


In recent years vaccines have suffered the consequences of their own success. Vaccine-preventable diseases are no longer frequently observed in our environment and are often not considered a real threat to our health. On the contrary, infrequent adverse effects of these have begun to be the center of attention leading to the wrong decision not to vaccinate. This has led to the reappearance of new outbreaks of diseases that we no longer see.

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