Scheduling at Research Sites: From a Problem to an Opportunity

Scheduling visits at sites

Daily site operations and visit scheduling are often a burden for clinical research teams, who constantly seek to engage and build long-term relationships with participants. Dealing with tight deadlines, extensive planning, and assessments are tasks that impact the point-of-care services and staff workload.

A software tool like Trial360, which includes an integrated scheduling system, can boost any site’s performance by providing a streamlined workflow, and a better experience for the staff and the volunteers. Here we share some facts about the advantages of using technology to scheduling visits at sites:

1. Avoid non-compliance

Nearly 80% of trials fail to meet on-time enrollment, and 45% complete beyond originally projected timelines (1). Additionally, research sites tend to do scheduling management through spreadsheets, which exposes them to non-compliance in window periods, lack of follow-up, and double work.

2. Better scheduling visits in sites

Digital and automated scheduling can maximize patient engagement and achieve up to +92% compliance in scheduled visits*, improving the overall trial performance. With smart scheduling, the site can manage various sites and protocols simultaneously, avoid over-scheduling and optimize infrastructure and staff. 

3. Top performance

Visits scheduling systems for clinical trials help reach fast start-ups, reduce the time to the patient’s first visit, prevent protocol deviations, meet the visit’s windows visits, identify absences, and reduce drop-outs. Additionally, real-time data from visits contribute to decision-making, visit time, waiting time, planning capacity, and resource allocation.

4. All-in-one

Integrating visit scheduling with other activities like invoicing, Electronic Medical Record, laboratory, and pharmacy streamlines site operations and reduce operative tasks; this is possible with our modular ecosystem Trial360 for research sites.

Furthermore, operational and performance advantages, a visit’s scheduling system for research sites enables an improved patient-centric experience, in which the site can improve satisfaction and engagement rates.

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