Four Benefits of Having a Smart Scheduling System in Sites

Four Benefits of Having a Smart Scheduling System in Sites

Scheduling at research sites is not as straightforward as in other clinical services. Commonly, patient visits must be scheduled according to a research protocol and their compliance is essential for the success of the study.

Using an intelligent scheduling system can bring great advantages to the research team, among them:

Reduction of protocol deviations

Thanks to intelligent scheduling, sites can ensure that visits, notifications, alerts, and follow-ups are made in a timely manner, reducing out-of-window visits and increasing patient safety.

Resource optimization

Sites can make a planned and efficient resource allocation. For example, when assigning staff time and materials during peak visitation at the sites and efficiently managing available slots and low visit times.

Participant's Flow Control

With an intelligent scheduling system, the site can manage scheduling for several trials in multiple sites, thus way having a patient-centered approach. Sites can prepared in advance to receive visits and have a clear route and requirements to be met by each participant, as well as providing a better experience and satisfaction.

Real-time data

Having updated and detailed information on the scheduling of visits in real-time facilitates the control of the site’s daily operations and allows for timely, data-driven decision-making.

Trial360’s Scheduling Module is a powerful tool that enhances the operation of research centers. If you are interested in learning more about this Module and how it works for any clinical study, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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