Event recap: Highlights from Clinical Research Insider Summit 2023

Outsoursing in Clinical Trials

Last week we joined the Clinical Research Insider Summit in Cancun, Mexico. This was Integra It’s first time participating in this event, endorsed by the School of Medicine and Health Sciences of Monterrey Tech. As part of our strategy of bringing more visibility to clinical trials in emerging markets, we wanted to explore the future of clinical trials in the region, as well as share with the life sciences community our vision of clinical trial participant diversity, innovative business models to improve access to technology and increase capabilities in emerging countries.

Integra IT team in attendance included Sergio Rodriguez, Founder and CTO; Dr. Luz Helena Barreto,  Medical Director Clinical Trials Division; Carlos Marrero, Product Manager and Daniel Garcia, Partnerships Director.

Thanks to our team’s expertise, they led the Workshop: Workshop:  Overcoming challenges in managing Clinical Trials, from recruitment, monitoring, EMR, to data entry to the eCRF. During the workshop, Dr. Luz Helena Barreto, led an interactive activity to explore technology as an enabler of efficient clinical trial operations. (See: Trial 360 for research sites)

Some Clinical Research Insider Summit 2023 highlights about clinical trials in Latin America:

  • There are plenty of opportunities for clinical trial investment and innovation in Latin America. One of the main challenges is connecting the academy with the industry. 
  • Even though the funding is limited in the region, and there are currency fluctuations, clinical trials, low-cost operations, and high-quality professionals are advantages for sponsors and CROs.
  • Population density is a plus for recruiting strategies. 
  • Collaborative research and networks enable the gain of regional capabilities and improve the infrastructure. 
  • There is a significant opportunity in cannabis clinical trials, especially in Colombia. 
  • AI can be applied in clinical research operations, such as predicting the participant’s enrollment, screening failures, and drop-outs. 

Learn more about our software solutions for data entry, ePRO and eCOA, EDC and Clinical Trials Management system all-in-one tools for research sites, CROs, and sponsors.

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