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Multiple Solutions to your CRO

Our solutions range from a modular STS to a CTMS that will allow us to have a control of the clinics and all the studies in real time.

  •  TrialPal ePRO + Site CTMS
  • STS (Study Tracking System)
  • CRF (Case Report Form System & Data Management Services) 
  • Data Management Services

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Our Services For CROs

We have created a set of services and solutions to help CRO adapt to a digital world and transform with the accompaniment needed to change and gain insight and control to comply with each clinical trial objective.


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We develop solutions as a service, take a look at how they work.


TrialPal ePRO + PFS  (Patient Follow Up System Site CTMS)

TrialPal + PFS II

An intuitive and easy-to-use tool that allows monitoring of study participants and the study in general combined with an app easy to use made to keep tracking of your patients.

  • We have a product that contains a differentiating factor, that generates value, offers solutions for monitoring and defining processes, informs you in a dashboard, you have dashboards of the information we collect, alerts and notifications are generated, there is a projection that helps you to make decisions, which is the power of the management or whoever does the follow-up.

  • PFS, allows the collection of all the data necessary for decision making, allowing to visualize the traceability in changes, to guarantee the transparency of the information provided.


Study Tracking System


This system is designed so that CROs (Contract Research Organizations) can optimize visits to research centers.

Our STS system allows you to keep a record of the visits of the CRAs (Clinical Research Associate) to each of the sites that develop a clinical study.

Within the STS we have electronic signatures so that monitors and Project Managers can certify that all processes are carried out according to best practices.

Its main

characteristics are:

  • Creation and approval of reports.

  • PDF downloads

  • Schedule monitor visits

  • Register and download reports

If you want to know more about how our systems are validated and comply with 21 CRF Part 11

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Case Report

Form System

CRF & Data Management Services

Our WEB Information System (Case Report Form System) is used to enter and monitor the information of a clinical study efficiently, quickly and safely, it can be configured according to the needs of the study and its protocol.

The data we keep is protected so that only authorized persons can access them. Additionally, our data is backed up by backup copies that are saved every 6 hours.


By working with our CRF, you will have total confidence in where your data is and who accesses it since we work with processes with high quality standards. and security. We have a team that will be aware of your requirements and give them a solution. You will have access to documents such as manuals, form configuration and data validation. You can contact us to show you a DEMO and test the tool.

If you want to know more about how our systems are validated and comply with 21 CRF Part 11

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Study Cases

Grateful customers

As Integra we care about the satisfaction of our clients and the good performance of each of our solutions, always bringing them the best support and listen to every one of the necesities they can have.

Here are some of our study cases.


Vax Trials

Our solutions helped Vax Trials to improve on their efficiency and management of data on every one of their clinical studies, helping them to get less mistakes and gatter all the information digitally and securely.

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