Vax Ediary

Vax E-Diary

Vax E-Diary is a Mobile App allows users to fill out clinical trial diaries. We have achieved excellent results in vaccine studies. Furthermore its design and functionality serves to capture security information of any medicine. Vax E-diary also allows the user to record general and local symptoms. Among its main features are:

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Vigilant-e is a mobile App that allows subjects in a clinical trial to report “actions” to inform the research center. It is ideal for surveillance studies where subjects must report their health status regularly for long periods of time. Among its main features are:

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ICP mobile

ICP Mobile

ICP Mobile is a Mobile App designed to facilitate study form capture through a smartphone. It allows to fill out household and subject enrollment forms, tracking forms and all the other forms  that are required in the study can be configured as well. In other words: ICP Mobile is a CRF on your smartphone. Some of its features are:

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VaxChat is a Mobile App designed to improve communication between the subjects and the site. It provides all the tools of traceability and safety ensuring that all conversations related to the study remain registered in our databases.

Site users are able to review the information (chats) related to study subjects or tutors conversations. It is the best way to stay in touch with patients. Nowadays the chat has become one of the most used media-communication  by people around the world.

In our VaxChat application you can know when your message was sent, received and whether it was read by the other person.

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PFS (Patient-Flow-up-System)

The PFS is a WEB system developed in order to collect information from clinical trials. Therefore it is an application where all the information collected by our Mobile Apps is centralized.

This system can be accessed securely from anywhere the customer desires. We have different modules that we have developed based on our experience which will allow you to manage more effectively the information on each subject in the study.

Thanks to our development team, we can offer our customers different modules. Some of these are : Modules for  user management, visit scheduling, contact log, laboratory samples management, and others.

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PFS’s Modules

The great advantage of our services is that we can enable/disable the modules according to your requirments.

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VaxCRFS (Case Report Form System)

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WEB Information System ( Vax Case Report Form System ) is used to access and monitor clinical trial information.

Its main features are:

  • Subject Enrollment.
  • Source documents and records typing.
  • Query Management (Queries) in order to handle discrepancies.
  • Signature and approval of standards by the principal investigator.
  • subject  dashboard for data entry users and monitors.
  • Activities list.

This system is synchronized with the PFS, avoiding typing activities.

The CRFS databases collected here are managed by Integra IT equipment. We have dictionaries as MEDDRA in order to standardize symptoms and diseases information. Similarly we can export information to different formats (Excel, SAP, CSV, XML, etc. ) in a safe way, to be used by a statistics team.

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